GST BOCES Remote Learning Plan
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GST BOCES Remote Learning Plan

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Greater Southern Tier BOCES Remote Learning Plan

School Schedules

GST BOCES will have a remote instruction model, completely virtual, that will be implemented if the need arises during the 2020-21 school year.

GST BOCES will work with each department, program and supervisor to establish work schedules for remote learning. Adjustments will be made based on individual program and supervisor needs.

The platform all teachers and students will work within will be Microsoft Teams and Zoom. These platforms provide a safe experience for students and teachers to connect and is compliant with Education Law section 2-d. These platforms offer web-based portals for face-to-face virtual sessions, document sharing, presentations of students learning, feedback for students, and ongoing daily communications. We will offer direct coaching and self-guided training opportunities for staff, as well as online training sessions. Some of our programs offer Schoology as their learning platform and this would continue for those programs.

Students without internet access will be provided with individual instruction and communication plans to attain equal content and learning opportunities.

All teaching staff will use the following instructional delivery models: instructional (synchronous) and applied learning sessions/independent practice (asynchronous) as defined below.

  • Instructional Learning, Synchronous:
    This is a time where each student will be connected to their learning platform. This session will be teacher-led and include students participating in a virtual meeting hosted by teachers. This session may include both audio and video participation. Each virtual session will include delivery of a lesson, individual learning activities, and formative assessment. During this time, the teacher will demonstrate or model the learning, check for understanding, monitor progress, conduct a formative assessment, give feedback to move students forward and provide targeted or differentiated support.
  • Applied Learning/Independent Practice, Asynchronous:
    These sessions provide an opportunity for learners to practice and refine the skills introduced by the teacher. This is the time for students to work offline from the class and practice or research the content/skills being taught. Students should be able to access a variety of resources, support their work, and demonstrate learning using a variety of media. Teachers will actively support small groups and individual learners during this time. They will post clear objectives and expectations, post assignments and resources and monitor student work via virtual platforms.

Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism

The BOCES will collect and report daily teacher/student engagement or attendance regardless of the instructional setting, including in a remote or hybrid schedule. During in-person, hybrid or remote instruction, daily attendance is taken in the student management system employed by the district, SchoolTool. In the case of a hybrid model or remote instruction, GST BOCES Student Contact Logs are to be updated daily to indicate the student participation in each instructional or related service module.


This contact log is a shared Excel document that each classroom teacher will receive. Classroom teachers will share this document with all staff associated with their student. This will be an on-going log that will be turned in to principals via email at the end of the closure period. Staff will work to encourage and support student participation. If students are showing a pattern of absenteeism staff will develop individualized plans to support students and families.

Technology and Connectivity

The BOCES will:

  • Determine the level of access to devices and high-speed broadband all students and teachers have in their places of residence through surveys.
  • The BOCES will loan devices to teachers who need them for hybrid or remote learning. It will loan such devices to students for hybrid or remote learning on a case-by-case basis. Teachers can access BOCES' internet through classroom use (with supervisor approval).
  • Provide multiple ways for students to participate in learning and demonstrate mastery of Learning Standards in remote or blended models, especially if all students do not yet have sufficient access to devices and/or high-speed internet.

Specifically, the BOCES will work with our sending school districts to determine if students have access to a device and have adequate internet access for remote or hybrid model of instruction. We will work with our sending districts to make sure each student has equal access to all of the instructional materials to access the curriculum.

Teaching and Learning

The BOCES will provide 180 days of instruction each school year to their students in accordance with the BOCES regional calendar or a host site school district calendar. Instructional days shall be counted for programs that are delivered in-person, remotely, or through a hybrid model.

The BOCES' continuity of learning plan for the 2020-2021 school year is as follows:

  • Our instructional plan will prioritize in-person instruction and we will plan for contingencies for remote and hybrid models based on component school districts' needs.
  • We will continue to use our existing continuity of learning plan and update this document to meet our needs through reopening.
  • Instruction must be aligned with the outcomes in the New York State Learning Standards. Educators will be given opportunities to prioritize units of study to meet hands-on instructional certification standards.
  • Equity must be at the heart of all school instructional decisions. All instruction will be developed so that whether delivered in-person, remotely, or through a hybrid model due to a local or state school closure, there are clear opportunities for instruction that are accessible to all students. Such opportunities must be aligned with State standards and include daily scheduled times for students to interact and seek feedback and support from their teachers.
  • Instruction aligned to the academic program must include regular and substantive daily interactions with an appropriately certified teacher regardless of the delivery method (e.g., in person, remote or hybrid).


  • Each instructional program must create a clear communication plan for how students and their families/caregivers can contact the school and teachers with questions about their instruction and/or technology. This information will be accessible to all, available in multiple languages based on BOCES need, widely disseminated, and include clear and multiple ways for students and families to contact schools and teachers (e.g., email, online platform, and/or by phone). Teachers will be expected to document this communication using GST BOCES Student Contact Logs.
  • The BOCES will provide professional learning opportunities for faculty in prioritizing curriculum, blended learning, grading/assessment/feedback, and social emotional learning. We will also provide ongoing, classroom-based professional learning (e.g., demonstration lessons, coaching with feedback) in these areas, as needed.
  • If applicable, BOCES will contract with eligible agencies, including CBOs, to provide pre-kindergarten programs. They must attest that they have measures in place to ensure eligible agencies with whom they contract will follow the health and safety guidelines outlined in NYSED guidance and required by the New York State Department of Health. The BOCES must also ensure their eligible agencies have a Continuity of Learning plan that addresses in-person, remote, and hybrid models of instruction.


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